Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello again.

So I've been gone a year or two. I can't really remember where I left off. This used to be a great outlet for me and I miss it. I won't make any promises to post every day but I can say that I'm going to keep posting. Having a place to put my thoughts to words without fear of repercussions is very therapeutic. This place used to give me focus and I need that in my life.

My most significant achievement since I've been gone is I'm now the owner of my own airplane. Partial owner anyway. I partnered up with a friend and we bought a sweet old bird. She's a classic beauty and I love her.

A 1948 (not a typo) Cessna 170. She looks similar to this one...

I'm airborne again!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Listen, the trickle down theory doesn't work. By the time the money gets to the lower rungs of the ladder. There's nothing left for the people who need it. Giving money to banks and businesses doesn't work in a economy like ours. Giving money to the people does. So here is my proposal. Remove the current plan and do the right thing.

The Plaingeek stimulus package: Give everyone who filed a tax return last year a check for $8000.00.

In that instant the economy will recover. People who are in danger of losing their houses will catch up or refinance. People who want to buy a car will do so. Some people will invest it. Some will save it. Some will pay off debt. Some will make home improvements. There will be a spike in inflation, but that will be short lived.

The simplest solutions are usually the best. I guarantee this would work and it's fair for everyone.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This post is rated NC-17.

The truth is I'm not all that well endowed as a man. I'm really not sure where I stand in the size department. It's really difficult to tell as a man. Men don't stand around in a room comparing size and it really doesn't count when you're not erect which doesn't happen in a locker room. So I don't really know exactly where I measure up. I can say that I've seen my share of porn and I know that I'm no where near what I've seen in that arena. But that is to be expected. They don't hire guys with average members for that kind of work. I've read articles that say the average size is around five inches but who knows how accurate those studies are because men are uncomfortable about sharing this type of information when they feel insecure which probably skews the results. I'll just say that I'm average and let it go at that.

I've decided that my size and possibly insecurity regarding that is the reason I love to go down on women. Its always been my favorite part of sex because it's the only way I've ever given a woman (who I haven't suspected of faking it) an orgasm. Nothing turns me on more than when I bring a woman to climax. I love it when I can feel them start to climax. Sometimes they hold their breath. Sometimes they start to convulse. Sometimes it's quiet. Sometimes it's loud. Sometimes my head gets crushed between their legs. Sometimes they seem paralysed. But no matter how you slice it, I'm 99% certain when a woman has truly made it to Shangri-La. Over time, I've became pretty good at telling what a woman likes and dislikes during sex by doing something surprising. I ask them. Sometimes I make them show me. I relish the thought of burying my head between a woman's legs and working until the job is done. Many a time I've (especially with my wife) been down there for two hours or more, bringing on multiples or one great big one. The Energizer bunny has nothing on my desire to bring pleasure to a woman. I will not surrender until they climax or beg me to stop because it turns me on like nothing else.

Friday, February 06, 2009

What if? (caution rambling ahead)

Recently I had some friends talk me into signing up on Facebook. I never really had any desire to get on a social networking site. I was perfectly happy in my own little cocoon in the Georgia woods. After I joined, I went through and added the friends that wanted me to join to my little group. Then a funny thing started happening, people I remembered and people I didn't started sending me friend requests. So I accepted those that I knew and ignored those that I didn't. Then I thought about all the people that I remembered through the years and started to dig into the "find friends" portion of facebook. As it turns out, Facebook is much more fun than I thought it was going to be. The most significant thing about joining has been the triggering of the "what ifs" and I found myself daydreaming about my life and how it turned out. Everyone has those thoughts that run around their head. We wonder what would've happened if a single event was different in our lives and how things would have turned out had we taken the other road. Facebook has been a catalyst that triggered a colossal "what if" in my head.

When I was in tenth grade, my mother went broke trying to survive in LA. I think she was on the verge of a complete breakdown. So she picked up the family and hauled us off to Florida to live with my aunt. I played strong but I was really devastated to be moved across the country to a new place. I never gave much deep thought to the turn my life took until I fired up facebook and started reconnecting with the friends I left behind. The most fundamental effect moving had on me was my school performance. In the city of angles, I was and A/B student and generally a good kid. Moving to Florida had a dramatic effect on my grades. At first, I was as good a student or better than I ever was. My classes in Florida were easy compared to that of LA. I managed to get good grades without even trying and developed bad study habits as a result. Eventually, after a year or so, this caught up with me and my grades began to plummet to the point that I eventually ended up repeating the eleventh grade. This was unimaginable in my past life. It still hurts me to this day that I managed to tank a year of school. I've never been considered stupid by any stretch of the imagination. I sure ended up feeling that way when I played (in the band) at what would've been my own graduation. When I finally did graduate from school, I was lost and I knew it before hand. That's why I joined the Army via the delayed entry program. I had crappy grades and my folks had no money to pay my way through college. I joined strictly for the college money. As it turns out, joining the Army was probably the smartest move I ever made. As much as I HATED it while I was in, it has given me everything I have had since and, most certainly, given me the discipline I lost in the later years of high school.

So Facebook has put the crossroads that I was forced to take in perspective. I have given much deeper thought to how my life would have been had I not left California. My thoughts have always been those of regret for leaving my life behind on the west coast. I've always felt (and still do) that I don't belong in the south east. The southern mentality doesn't mesh with my personality and it's mostly because I grew up and developed my personality through my mother and friends in the west which was a much more tolerant and advanced society. At least it was through the eyes of a tenth grader who has since grown. In LA I went to a magnet school much like that of "Fame." I had to audition to get in. I had three music classes per day and, as a result, I believe I would've ended up as a musician or in some facet of the music industry. I believe I would have managed much better grades and gained a scholarship to a decent school. I would have also been a physically softer person. My magnet program allowed me to substitute a music class for physical education. I would have never been in the Army either and, most certainly, ended up overweight or possibly even obese. I also would have never picked up a cigarette to smoke. I have boredom and my cousin to blame for that one. He encouraged me to smoke and I did it initially for entertainment during my first summer of boredom and friendlessness in Florida. I'm still paying for that choice now. I would've been a more emotional person had I grown in LA as well. My current life has hardened my personality. I'm more jaded and rarely show any emotion at all. I'm forever on a slow burn and keep a level head about everything. I wasn't like that my whole life. The younger version of me was much more likely to smile, laugh, cry, and show love. All of that is still in me but suppressed and much less likely to be shown.

After much thought about who I am and who I might have become, I've come to the conclusion that I like who I am. If I had to do it all over again I would follow my current path with only one exception...

I never would've started smoking.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Yea, I know.

I know I promised to blog more in the new year. I've really wanted to as well. I want to take this little diary to the next level and cover all kinds of things that are significant to me. There will be some fun reading coming but it won't be as often as I would like. This is my own little secret corner of the web and even my wife doesn't know about its existence. I used to do most of my blogging at work during the slow night and mid shifts. Starting this year, however, it has come down the pipe from the tech guys who run our business network that "the man" is now tracking all of our internet activity (sites and keystrokes) so I now avoid my blog at work. I'm still going to try to get my words in here but my blog time is limited to when my wife isn't home and I have the time to get here. As it stand right now, I'm going to be attempting to get one GOOD post here per week which will still be more than I managed to get on here last year.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a peaceful day even if you don't celebrate the holiday.

I plan on blogging more this year. I sure do miss venting to you guys and gals. I've been storing up some good stuff. Hopefully I'll remember it when it come time to post.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Prez

I must say I'm glad Obama won. Now I don't have to move to Canada or Mexico. I hope he can (even in the slightest bit) live up to the expectations placed upon him. It must be a huge burden. I fear for his safety as well. You know some crazy bastard is going to try and take him out. They always go after the good ones.

It's going to be an interesting four years to come.
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